You most certainly can! Let's Investigate...

For this activity, we will be using Google Docs (you can do the same with Google Slides). Sometimes when you use these products, you need to find some extra tools to make your task a little more simple and enjoyable. We oftentimes call these extensions and add-ons!

Easy Accents-Docs

This simple Add-on will allow you to easily insert the need accent(s) for different languages directly from a sidebar in your Google Docs.

First thing you have to do is open your Waffle and select Google Docs. As soon as you Google Doc opens, give it a name!

At this stage you need to install Easy Accents to your Google Account. Follow the instructions on the screen and it will install!

Right now you have Easy Accents added to your account (you may need to refresh your screen) and are ready to type une histoire!

Type your story normally without any accent marks. When you are finished, we will insert the accents accordingly. Let's try...