You certainly can....let's make a easy suggestion.

Let's pretend that you teacher sent you a math worksheet from

It was a PDF document called Multiplication Worksheet. You double click it and it opens up in Adobe Reader.

You don't have a printer to print it off. You don't have a stylus to write on it. You don't know a good app to use to write...

What are you going to do?

Let's use our Google tools to help us.

On your computer, where it says Type here to search, type in the following...

Snipping Tool

A program will open for you called Snipping Tool. This program allows you to Snip things from a page. For this task, we want to snip the work sheet.

In the Snipping Tool, you will see a variety of tools to select from.

Please select the New option and draw a rectangle around the entire worksheet.

The worksheet will appear to have a red rectangle around the "Snipped" area.

Once you have "Snipped" the area, you will see a screen like this one.

At this point you want to create a new file. Actually you are going to make that worksheet a picture!

Select File from the menu, and save the current "Snipped" area as a PNG or JPG

Now you must decide where to save your work. By work I mean the new picture that you just "Snipped".

Please remember where you have saved this, because you will be asked to retrieve this picture again very soon.

Congratulations...great job! Now let's move onto Google Slides.

Now you will move into your Google Waffle and select Google Slides. Google Slides will be the program that you will use to complete your work.

Let's investigate!

When we open Google Slides, first-thing-first, give it a name. You will see two boxes on your screen for you to type a title, delete those.

Your paper by default is landscape (sideways). You want it to be portrait (up and down). To do this, choose File and find the Page setup option.

Let's have a look at the Page Setup Option.

By default, the page setup is Widescreen (16:9). We need to change this to a custom screen.

Please make sure you type as you see on the diagram (8.5 x 11). Click Apply.

Your screen will go up and down (portrait).

Now you are ready to insert a new background...Yes the picture you just "Snipped"!

Please make sure that you select Slide - Change Background - Image - Choose Image and find the picture you just saved.

When you select your picture, click Done!

Your Google Slide should have a new background, your "Snipped" worksheet! You can write on this and it will not change or move.

So now you want to use text boxes to write your answer, whether it is a one word answer or a complete sentence. Choose a font choice that isn't too big and is easy to read.

Congratulations, you have created a new document that was once a PDF and now you can type your answers on it. Feel free to submit this Slide to you teacher, rather than having to print, write, take a picture and upload!