The very first thing anyone has to do, is to successfully log onto your Google Account and open your waffle.

  • Inside your waffle, you will find the Google Doc Icon.
  • Click this icon and a selection window below will appear. Unless you are looking for a template, it is recommended that you choose a blank template.

Now that you have a new, blank document opened, you should give it a name. Google will always save your work for you. You do not have to save anything but if you keep allowing Google to save Untitled Documents, your Google Drive will get filled with documents, all with the same name.

At this stage, we are ready to investigate two very special functions: the menu bar and the tool bar. Oftentimes, you will find a duplicate function for some things. It is your preference. Some people like icons, some other users prefer the text format. Your choice. I will look at the Menu Bar!

Let's Investigate: File

Let's Investigate: Edit

Let's Investigate: View

Let's Investigate: Insert

Let's Investigate: Format

Let's Investigate: Tools

Let's Investigate: Add-Ons