Step-By-Step Guide in Joining Your Teacher's Google Classroom

  1. Your teacher sent you an email through your School's Gmail Account.
  2. When you check your email, you will see a "Class Invitation" and the name of the classroom.
  3. In that email you will find a Join button. Click it!
  1. As soon as you click JOIN, you will be directed right into the Google Classroom.
  1. Once you are into the Google Classroom, you will see three important tabs on the top of the screen. Really, you only need to worry about the first two: Stream & Classwork.

Let's Investigate Stream!

Let's Investigate Classwork

Let's Investigate your Worksheets

Worksheets can be:

  • A Google Doc, Slide, Sheet, etc. In this case your teacher will give you a copy to work on, fill in your answers and then hit the turn in button. The Turn In button is in the upper right hand corner. When you turn it in, your teacher will get notification of your submitted work.
  • A PDF or Picture (*.jpg, *.gif, *.png). In this case, students generally will do the following:
  1. Print off the sheet, write on it, take a picture of it and then submit. If this is your case, click View Assignment. You will see a window like this.

Please Note: Some students may wish to use a stylus and write on their screen or download an app such as Page Marker and write on their screen with their finger. In either way, screen capture your work and submit it to your teacher.